St. Anthony Cold Storage (Eimskip) Inc. (SACSEI) operates a state-of-the-art cold storage facility located in the Town of St. Anthony, NL. The construction of the facility started in June of 2003 and it officially opened its doors in November of 2004. The principal of St. Anthony Cold Storage (Eimskip) Inc. Limited along with its management team have extensive experience in various aspects of the seafood industry both locally and internationally. 

The facility is in excess of 50,000 square feet and has a storage capacity of 6,000 pallet positions. The facility is constructed from the highest technical standards of refrigeration and product handling equipment including a mobile racking and power management system. We also have 15,000 square feet of dry storage space for packaging, salt and any other items that companies may require for their operation.

The Port of St. Anthony is located adjacent to the shrimp fishing areas and consequently an ideal site for landing and storage of both the offshore/inshore vessels catch.  A major multi-million dollar harbor infrastructure project has been ongoing in recent years. This has resulted in the construction of new wharf facilities and expansion of the marine services available in the town. This expansion will continue in the next two years with dredging to accommodate larger vessels in the port. After dredging is completed we will have access to 150 M of pier space and water depths of 9 M.

Our primary customers are inshore fish processors in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canadian factory freezer vessels. We provide offloading, pallet manufacturing, storing and all related services associated with stevedoring. We also act as port agents on behalf of Eimskip Canada and any other companies who require services in the port of St. Anthony. Such services include bunkering, provisions, garbage, water, crew changes and medical services. This agency service is not limited to container or fishing vessels and can also include cruise vessels or bulk carriers.

Eimskip is one of the world’s leading providers of reefer logistics offering its customers tailor-made solutions to all their logistics requirements. In 2005, Eimskip / CTG committed to calling the Port of St. Anthony. SACSEI through Eimskip offers local fish processors an efficient freight service resulting in cost savings.

St. Anthony Cold Storage (Eimskip) Inc. prides itself on superior service, handling practices, and a knowledgeable staff that understand the needs of the customer in a quality driven industry.