Eimskip is Iceland’s largest shipping company and through the years has rapidly evolved to become one of the worlds leading providers of reefer logistics.  Eimskip’s first port call to St. Anthony was July 2005, and they continue to call the port, with service from May – December.

The vessel (left), the M/V Bruarfoss, can carry approximately 420 TU and will carry frozen seafood from the region to European destinations.

This picture (left) shows the loading pier side in St. Anthony. Eimskip vessels are equipped with cranes which lower the reefer containers onto chassis which are shuttled to the cold storage loading bays. SACSEI has the space to accommodate 30 containers pier side.



A second option via the port of St. Anthony would be to ship cargo via palletized side loading vessels.  This picture (left) shows our stevedores loading a reefer vessel with seafood. These vessels go direct from St. Anthony to ports in Russia, Denmark and other selected destinations depending on volume.

For further information regarding Eimskip please visit www.eimskip.com